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Should I Repair or Replace My Gas Furnace?

At some point in time, a homeowner is faced with the daunting decision to either repair or replace their gas furnace.  Several things should be taken into consideration before making that decision.  First, the age of the furnace is an important factor.  If it is ten years or over, the possibility that the system is outdated and the repairs would cost more than a new unit.  Also, during that ten-year span, advancements in technology and efficiency may add to the benefits of opting for a new unit versus replacing the old one.

Second, you should also check the warranty coverage on your system. Some parts such as the heat exchange or other parts, may be covered by the manufacturer.  Other issues may be guaranteed by the A/C installer. It is worth checking into before making a final decision.

As a rule of thumb, most HVAC professionals highly recommend the replacement of the home’s gas furnace at the same time the central air unit is in need of updating.  Keeping both the heating and cooling units at the same age and efficiency proves to be more cost-effective and have fewer problems than if the units were mismatched with an older furnace and a newer technologically advanced cooling unit. Again, consider the age of the unit.  A period of five years or less difference should be of no concern for the two units to work together effectively.  It is that ten-year mark, that problems start to arise and decisions need to be made for the efficiency of the units and the protection of your home’s heating and cooling.

So, do you repair or replace?  The decision is always up to you, the homeowner, but take into consideration, the age of the furnace and the costs of repair vs. replacement in light of a newer, high-efficient unit.  Whatever decision you make, keep up with proper maintenance to prolong the life of your system.